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Design History

Category 5 Web Designs is a project by Joseph Murray. What once was thought to be a career change has ended up being just a hobby.

Although Joseph has worked as a technician in the computer industry since 1983, he has always enjoyed design as well. At a young age, drawing was a favorite hobby. Creating new automobiles on paper among other things was another expression of design. After studying electronics, design and construction of electronic circuits was an enjoyed hobby.

Interest in the development of web sites lead to a few courses in web design at a local community college. The courses were a good beginning but much more knowledge and techniques are learned on the internet. Designing graphics inconjunction with code that displays correctly on various web browsers is quite a challenge.


In an effort to retain sanity Joseph play's Golf on a regular basis. For those of you who play Golf know that this statment could be an oxymoron.

Many weekend's are spent at near by Ocean City Maryland. Body Boarding and reading Techno Thrillers on the beach are true sanity savers. Drinks at Coconuts Tiki Bar also help!

Joe Murray

Here he is. The man behind this site enjoying a round of Golf.